Pregnancy (and delivery) Checklist

Salam sejuk Isnin…

I only got 39 days roughly to go, to see this baby in my womb..

Most probably, earlier than that..based on my previous experience. Wafiy has been delivered 3 weeks earlier than the expected date. Damia- 2 weeks earlier. So better be cautious/ prepared from now on..

Speaking of preparation of the upcoming newborn..insyaallah it’s a boy again, I might say the physical preparation in only 85%. Mentally? Insyaallah..i will go through the process successfully once again…

The baby’s clothes etc etc has been done. Dah basuh dan lipat. Ada dalam lemari baru hehehehe…

Mom’s bag? Not fully packed..I know i MUST bring the bag everywhere in the car, but nantilah….ada a few tak terbeli lagi..

This weekend, insyaallah ke Mum’s Dream Bangi pulak…nak cari barang mama plus minyak telon baby…

Pray the best for me okay!!!! Thanks….


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. liya
    Nov 05, 2012 @ 18:51:58 x buat checklist lg sis. Nk kena start ni..huhu


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