being me..

so undescribeable. the office jobs, the house chores, plus minus internal unexplainable needs to achieve something in some particular time. I think most of working moms out there are just the same!!!

so, all these while I’ve learned that:

to achieve goals :

be realistic towards achieving them; i may not finish a whole bunch of job/ house chores, instead, i am possible to finish a job or two in a time.  I’m not super-everything!!!!!!!

+ melayan mood tak puas hati nak kejar semua duedate plus kerja rumah. nothing else matter. it’s just something wrong with me.

++ sekarang tiba-tiba lagu fave Paradise by Coldplay berkumandang kat fave radio – RedFM..

+++ selsema pulak dah berkembang dengan jayanya. get well soon utk diri sendiri.

++++ layan kan jer mood ini


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