why do i love my job?

Happy Saturday everybody!! hoping that you’re having the last saturday of the month of eating everything under the sun as much as you like before the Holly Month of Ramadhan comes.

Actually, i don’t like to talk about my job in here..because i’m not having enough willingness to explain about that..because i think my job is so complicated..just like our life. need the courage and willingness to explain and justify everything you did.

But, this time i DO have the courage and willingness to do so.  Because i think i don’t have to justify anything..because i did the best that i can with my effort, so far. And i realised i DO LOVE my job, actually. In the sense that:

1) it allows me to grow older with the experience and the industry as well as the usual management things. FYI, eventhough i’m in financial management field, i am responsible for all ‘project things’…and involving maritime, aviation and land transport. Which i think not every person can get it (i’m not saying that i’m lucky enough to be here..but i’m working hard to get it!!)

2) it gives me the chance to mingle around with the ‘reputable people’ in the industry almost everytime i perform my tasks. I didn’t mean that i LOVE to  hang around with ‘the reputable people’..not at all. But, they give me the strength and INSPIRATION to achieve whatever you want in your life. They teach me that, IF YOU THINK YOU WANT IT, SO OBVIOUSLY YOU CAN DO IT!!;

3) it allows me to have flexible time between work work work and play play play….i always get carried away with the works and the enjoyment of being there performing the jobs as well having fun..for an instant when we have seminars, meetings and site visits outside the office…i found out that that’s the most enjoyable moment!!

4) last but not least, i love the chance to motivate, inspire and make other people think think think about something…because my rule of performing work is simple, you have to use your brain to get almost EVERYTHING done. for me, thinking is 95% of the success, the rest is your physical effort towards that..think smart, work smart….

okla..that’s all about my work today..let’s play badminton!!!!!


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