…welcoming new ‘family’ members…

time flies so fast, i even coudn’t find a right moment to sit back, relax and keep on analyzing what happened to us for the past few weeks, i mean US in the office…

and yeah, whether i like it or not, i’m gonna have an additional ‘family member’ in the office, sort of ‘merger’, we will call it for official term in corporate affair. Yes, i like the idea of mergering two different Division with two different-yet-similar function, but please…not now, deep in my heart. It was funny when somebody come to you and ask ‘how can i get 4wD for this VIP for his trip next week’ instead of ‘how i’m going to get this procurement done’. I mean, at first, it was shocked and my head got this ‘red light’ upon this stumble situation. In other words, I’M NOT READY YET….

But, by hook or by crook (i guess the latter isn’t my choice), by Sept 20th we have to MOVE ON…..with the merger and last but not least, the messy ‘moving out, moving in’ process. Waw..what a hard work there!!!

By the way, my dear friends, do wish me luck with the undertaking future…because there’s no guarantee that life will be easy!!!!!



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