…half way gone…

what is it me with the title?
yeah, just wanna write here that my lovely weekend just half way gone with a wonderful moment..
thanks to the Wesak Day’s off (remember the old folks said: the more, the merrier..yet it’s just TRUE 🙂 )

friday lunch, we went to Wong Solo Seksyen 7 Shah Alam (coz i’ve got shopping missions for raya punya baju kat Jakel tu laa)..kalau semata nak makan ayam penyet Wong Solo tu, baik pegi BBaru Bangi jer..nearer and lebih sedap 🙂

saturday, went for groceries shopping pulak..fuh now i wonder why it was very hard to find the exact size of diapers utk Wafiy lately..owh finally i got a hint that Wafiy shoudn’t wear diapers anymore..yeah..( now dia pakai diapers only at night, in case any ‘leakage’ happen haha. itu pun sibuk claim itchiness everywhere. i think i must be more confident on making him survive without diapers 100% now hehehe..any experience about this to share, fellas??)

today (sunday), is RELAX day..layan tivi sampai mabuk 🙂
en zul dan anak bujangnya went to his kampung for friend’s wedding..
and, next i’ve already made a plan to clean up my bathroom (biasa saya buat sendiri..maid tak dibenarkan masuk bilik saya hahaha…)
damia pun masih tido,
roti canai telur sudah menanti utk breakfast..
and…..it’s really HALF WAY GONE, is it??


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