Rewards for Redemption..

Life is not easy..anyone can say that easily. The difficulties will arise only when we face them practically. In a particular day, you may have praise and huge pat on your back but not to forget the curse and s**t that you’ll may have. How dynamic life is, my thinking is revolving around this matter.

This morning, everthing went in havocly. The massive paper to be done, the letter to be settle per instruction given only 10 minutes before..what do he expect me to do? But still i feel it’s ok..think the negative adversely, to console my feeling. Yup i did it very well..but i think the climax is not good. At last, i was scolded over the phone by my big boss..heard him blabbering about anything…nagging..for the first time. Honestly, for the first time i feel that he’s not fair to me this time. and for the millionth time(?) i hate it when you scrambling your personal affairs with your career..well, actually it’s very hard to express my feeling and the real story here..but i really think he’s not fair. I know he has personal interest in this matter, but please don’t drag me into YOUR problem..i will do my job as my job description and of course with the instruction given by him from time to time but please don’t manipulate me this way..i’m not your toy. I did everything you asked me but the only mistake i made (if it is MINE..) is somebody responsible for the matter after i did my job didn’t do HIS job. If i know this thing will happen i won’t trust that person anymore, i swear. Forgive me if i’m exaggerating this matter but i’m really sad and frustrated. So my resolution are:

1. do ANYTHING in the office on MY OWN

2. don’t trust anybody…(in certain condition)

3. be more independent..

But, later in the evening i got the sweet redemption for those sick feelings. At least he care for my hard work..even he seems don’t care for my future but i know he did something to help me to improve my career..i’ll tell you later ok..gotta go many things to do…..



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