Tahun Baru…

Diam tak diam dah nak hampir ke tahun baru..lagi 3 hari. Dan umur aku pun dah bertambah satu lagi angka…

Bercerita pasal tahun baru, tak dapat lari daripada kerja utk memasang azam dan recap perkara2 yg telah berlaku dalam tahun ni. Azam aku nak berjaya dalam karier dan rumahtangga..bunyinya sungguh cliche’ tapi memang tu la kebenarannya. Rasa nak improve sistem kerja yang berserabut dan tunggang langgan tapi bila difikir masak2, agak berat jugak nak revamp semua. Staf tak cukup, kerani pun pakai yg pool..cari fail pun sendiri bikin…memang gila kalau nak buat pembaharuan tu. Tapi takpe aku dah ada plan berperingkat dan terancang (eiii..poyo..). Tahun depan nak betulkan filing system, nak dapatkan sorang PKS (Pekerja Khidmat Singkat) yang best utk Unit aku..dan nak study hard for PTK kalau aku kena repeat..hahaha jgn marah kwn2 PTD…..


Taken From Echah’s blog…

Sebenarnya aku cuba salah satu quizzes yg ada dlm blogthing yg ada kat blogroll echah..sesaje je..dah jawab kuiz tetiba takbleh nak paste BB code..maklumlah i’m no IT savvy..at last dah jenuh aku mencuba, aku copy-paste je menatang nih..puas hati aku..(sesapa sudi ajarlah aku mcmana nak copy BB code ni nanti yea..)

What Your Hands Say About You

You are logical, analytical, and rational. You have good verbal skills.

Idealistic and dreamy, you tend toward the impractical. You have a knack for getting yourself in sticky situations.

Consistent and reliable, you like to count on structure and routine in your life.

Your emotions tend to be well though out. You’re willing to wait out a bad situation, and you’re never too quick to act.

Berdiam Diri Lebih Baik…

Hikmat Berdiam Diri
Manusia berbicara setiap masa. Bicara yang baik akan membawa keselamatan dan kebaikan kpd manusia. Jika bicara tidak mengikut adabnya, manusia akan merana di dunia dan di akhirat. Di dunia akan dibenci oleh manusia lain manakala di akhirat bicara yang menyakiti hati org lain akan menyebabkan kita terseksa kekal abadi di dalam neraka Allah SWT.

Bagi mereka yg beriman, lidah yg dikurniakan oleh Allah itu tidak digunakan utk berbicara sesuka hati dan sia-sia. Sebaliknya digunakan utk mengeluarkan mutiara-mutiara yg berhikmah.

Oleh itu, DIAM adalah benteng bagi lidah manusia drp mengucapkan perkataan yang sia-sia.

1. Sebagai ibadah tanpa bersusah payah.
2. Perhiasan tanpa berhias.
3. Kehebatan tanpa kerajaan.
4. Benteng tanpa pagar.
5. Kekayan tanpa meminta maaf kpd orang.
6. Istirehat bagi kedua malaikat pencatat amal.
7. Menutupi segala aib.

Hadis2 Rasullulah mengenai kelebihan diam yg bermaksud:
* “Barangsiapa yg banyak perkataannya, nescaya banyaklah silapnya. Barangsiapa yg banyak silapnya, nescaya banyaklah dosanya. Dan barangsiapa yg banyak dosanya, nescaya neraka lebih utama baginya”. ( RW ABU NAIM )
* “Barangsiapa yg beriman kpd Alah dan Hari Akhirat, maka hendaklah ia berkata yg baik atau diam”. ( RW BUKHARI & MUSLIM )
* “Barangsiapa diam maka ia terlepas dr bahaya”.( RW AT-TARMIZI )

Madah Dari Hukama:

Manusia tidak akan dapat mengalahkan syaitan kecuali dgn diam. Jalan yg terbaik ialah diam kalau kita tidak dapat bercakap kearah perkara2 yg baik. Bicara yg baik adalah lambang hati yang baik dan bersih yang bergantung kpd kekuatan iman pada diri manusia.

A Reminder For Me and The Others



by Husna Yusop

The Sun

Civil servants have been given plenty of carrots, and it is now time to give them the stick, opines Transparency International-Malaysia (TI) president Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam. The 1.2 million people serving the public sector must know they would be punished and disciplined for inefficiency, lack of commitment or poor performance, and they can be expelled for their wrongdoings, he said when commenting on the mission of Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan, as reported in theSun last week.

Ramon said the major weaknesses in the civil service are corruption and the lack of accountability, as clearly seen from the Auditor-General’s Report. “They need to work as hard as their counter parts in the private sector, especially those at the lower levels of the public service,” he said. That is where the problem lies as “many tend to waste their time with the makan-minum, knitting and the gossiping”.

Voicing his admiration for Mohd Sidek’s pledge to end the days of politicians, their cronies and Little Napoleons acting as puppet masters of heads of local councils, Ramon said the effort must get full support from the civil service, politicians and leaders. “You cannot just depend on the chief secretary alone. Everyone must take the initiative and emulate him. Otherwise, he will be isolated. Senior officers must practise management by walking around.

Civil service must feel that ‘Big Brother’ is watching you. Otherwise, it (the effort) will not be sustained,” he said. Ramon, however, urged Mohd Sidek to provide quarterly reports to the public on the progress of his efforts and achievements. “People have the right to know. Otherwise, they can lose faith and confidence in the government,” he said.

“It is not only the Little Napoleons who should be blamed but also the ‘Big Napoleons the ministers, mentris besar and chief ministers who are also responsible and answerable to all Malaysians.”

He said Mohd Sidek was right by prioritising on the local authorities as they are at the front lines and nearest to the ground. “Local councils are most exposed to the public. Very few people go up to the ministries or state secretaries’ offi ces because they deal with simple things such as street lights, drains and garbage,” he said. “But, this should only be the beginning. He must move up as some departments are still not delivering.”

In some places, the clients’ charter had become a joke, he said. Ramon said he was positive there would be changes in the public sector but was quick to add that the government should not only change errant civil servants but also weak and corrupt local government officials and politicians.

“Get rid of them. This should set a better example for civil servants to follow,” he said.

Happy Birthday My Beloved Angah



Happy 36th Birthday to my beloved Angah (Zuliani Othman), the greatest nurse i’ve ever met, the nicest ‘ibu’ of 10 years old Haziq i’ve ever known, the best sister that i have forever. I know u’ll read my entry here, Angah..my wishes are as follows:

1. be strong to face the challanges being a ‘student-cum-mother-cum-wife-cum   daughter’ for this time being…

2. hope all your dreams come true..

3. hope u’ll get more and more kid so that abang haziq wouldn’t be so naughty next time..

4. hope u’ll treat us that BIG and TASTY cake as per our conversation last week..hehehe…

Kata-kata Untuk Menyedapkan Hati Yang Sedang Kacau…

Kecantikan wanita tidak semestinya terletak pada kesempurnaan paras rupa tetapi terletak pada ketinggian budi dan akhlaknya..

Kekuatan lelaki tidak dinilai pada keupayaan dan kegagahannya tapi terletak pada kekuatannya menahan kesabaran..

Sekuat-kuat manusia di dunia adalah orang yang SABAR dalam menempuh dugaan dan cubaan kehidupan…

Orang yang paling dihormati adalah orang yang mampu menahan marahnya….

Rewards for Redemption..

Life is not easy..anyone can say that easily. The difficulties will arise only when we face them practically. In a particular day, you may have praise and huge pat on your back but not to forget the curse and s**t that you’ll may have. How dynamic life is, my thinking is revolving around this matter.

This morning, everthing went in havocly. The massive paper to be done, the letter to be settle TODAY..as per instruction given only 10 minutes before..what do he expect me to do? But still i feel it’s ok..think the negative adversely, to console my feeling. Yup i did it very well..but i think the climax is not good. At last, i was scolded over the phone by my big boss..heard him blabbering about anything…nagging..for the first time. Honestly, for the first time i feel that he’s not fair to me this time. and for the millionth time(?) i hate it when you scrambling your personal affairs with your career..well, actually it’s very hard to express my feeling and the real story here..but i really think he’s not fair. I know he has personal interest in this matter, but please don’t drag me into YOUR problem..i will do my job as my job description and of course with the instruction given by him from time to time but please don’t manipulate me this way..i’m not your toy. I did everything you asked me but the only mistake i made (if it is MINE..) is somebody responsible for the matter after i did my job didn’t do HIS job. If i know this thing will happen i won’t trust that person anymore, i swear. Forgive me if i’m exaggerating this matter but i’m really sad and frustrated. So my resolution are:

1. do ANYTHING in the office on MY OWN

2. don’t trust anybody…(in certain condition)

3. be more independent..

But, later in the evening i got the sweet redemption for those sick feelings. At least he care for my hard work..even he seems don’t care for my future but i know he did something to help me to improve my career..i’ll tell you later ok..gotta go now..got many things to do…..


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