A Dilemma

Everyday it’s the same..got to think what to cook for dinner…according to papa he’s doesn’t bother bout it..be it scrambled eggs, ‘telur mata kerbau’ or ‘ikan bilis goreng’, everything will do..but i feel guilty if i’m unable to cook something for him. Reading Farina’s blog (princessjournal), i’m like..’owh..how easy farina feed Micheal..just croissant and bun and sausage will do..’ (of course, coz mike is an american), thinking back of papa—it’s not that easy. the taste is like this..something hot and spicy..and must contain chicken or meat and no vegies…everything must be eaten with soy sauce..with the brand of Kicap Kipas Udang. (Speaking of kicap, remember last nite how blur papa was when Wafiy mess up with his beloved kicap..one full bottle of kicap was shattered all over the dining table coz Wafiy tried very hard to join us for dinner…and i said to him ‘calm down..i’ll get u one more bottle..XXL size one..’ and he smile…)

ok..for this evening i’ll cook…..jeng jeng…bihun tomyam…see how papa’s appetite grow…and the same goes for tomorrow..again and again… 


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. aishah
    Nov 09, 2007 @ 08:30:50

    wow..hebat giler dilemma puan sally! kekekek 😛


  2. mamawafiy
    Nov 12, 2007 @ 05:57:37

    yela..gelak gelak..once u get married then u’ll know la….hopefully u’ll get the nice one rather than mine….
    p/s: bila lagi ni nak ‘menimang”??


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