It’s Been A While..

It’s quite a long time for me to write in something new in my dear blog for my life has been stumble there and here for the past week..a pieces of me here and there..keep flying without the focus (i guess so). So, now, back to business, i’m here in the office, very doomed office. Actually i’m tired of i’ll try to point out just the important thing to be remembered…

31 Aug 2007– Our National Day…

On the eve of ND, we (me, teddy and wafiy) went to see how well the Italian fireworks, is it better than ours or not. Together with iwan and awin (friends of teddy-just get engaged last week), we headed to Putrajaya at about 9.00 p.m and wow…it’s a really crowd here and there..i can’t imagine the same roads i used to go to work everyday, which used to be so quiet and peace, now are all in the heavy traffic. We wait and countdowned until 12 a.m and there goes the fireworks..all that i can say..Malaysian is better…reach home at 3.30 a.m after having a great supper…plus the heavy traffic jam everywhere…

1 and 2 September 2007

Nothing much to do except zzzzzzz all the day..thank God wafiy did not ‘meragam’ at there how the ‘lazy’ day go..on Sunday, we went to Tekala for picnic..together with Banting’s clan..soo may foods, tempting foods that we can’t barely eat eat eat…as a consequences..a lazy and fatty Sunday…..

3 September 2007

Work with full ethusiasm..but a little boring coz i have to go AGAIN to Kuching..flight at 3.50p.m AGAIN..and keep on focusing to the work as nothing will be happen today, until Echah keep on reminding me..’oii tak gi airport lagi?’…it’s already 12.00pm and i’m still in the office…at 12.15pm went to KLIA for boarding..can u believe i’m nearly this point i think i will never do this crazy thing anymore..i’m repent..flight delayed for 15 mins, and at last reach KIA at 6.00 pm…

4 September 2007

Meeting…..boarding for my homeland at 7.00 pm, arrived at KLIA at 8.40 pm…

I think that’s all for now…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. aishah
    Sep 12, 2007 @ 08:53:20

    Heh. Nasib kakak echah ada nak remindkan mamawafiy nih. Huhu. 😛
    Lain kali jgn koya…taulah buat kerja ngan kusyuk! Peace!


  2. mamawafiy
    Sep 12, 2007 @ 08:57:09

    ye la ye la…tak koya dah…


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