The Meaning of ‘Consideration’

When it comes to ‘consideration’ people always think of ‘chance’, ‘opportunity’, ‘ambil hati’, ‘bagi muka’ etc..etc. When you don’t considerate of others, u will be classified as ‘unconsiderate person’ or the worst is ‘mean person’. I always think that i’m a very considerate person, of course..coz i’m a typical malay brought up within our ‘soft’ culture. But recently i found that i need not to be considerate, in a CERTAIN condition..(read–CERTAIN). Why? COz i’m being bullied sooo many times when i consider the other’s feeling..and it give me a signal that i need to change my attitude. I need to be more ‘hard’ to make people pay a respect for me..and i hope the signal is true coz i don’t want to be misled by my own perception… 


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