Don’t Ever Underestimate The others pleasee…

I have been facing this situation many times..and the latest is just rite now. To be honest, i hate being underestimate by the others, especially the one who doesn’t know me well. I dont’t like to be defined or explained before i define the issue that i want to raise..or dont’t jump to conclusion before u know what is the idea for the whole..or in bahasa kasar..’tolong jangan menyampuk sebelum aku habis bercakap’…sometimes i may look like a snail…lembab bila bercakap but please don’t underestimate me…lambat tak semestinya lembab..laju tak semestinya hebat…

the moral is: bersabar ketika org lain beri pendapat..jgn suka2 nak potong cakap org dgn alasan bahawa awak tu lebih tau dari org yang sedang bercakap tu…..


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