What does mother’s love mean?


After being jeopardized with this nasty world, and after a long journey through it..finally it becomes to the basic thing..of how deep is a mother’s love to her children. Recently, i found that i miss my mom so much, i miss to look into her sad eyes, i miss ‘nasi goreng pedas’ that she always prepare for me, i miss her soft voice that sometimes will turn into a high chorus when something is going wrong, i miss her effort to go to the roti canai stall early in the morning just to get the best roti canai for her daughters…and above all, i miss to see her gentle rock-a-bye everytime i’m leaving our home..now i know that i will never be able to give her my best rock-a-bye coz now i’ve got my own world. Everytime i’m leaving,(leaving for a good for sure, just like 2 days ago..to Kuching for a meeting), now i can only imagine my mom say bye2 to me..but in fact it was my dear hubby and my little wafiy who will be miss me…but deep inside i know my mom will always be there for me…mom…i miss u…


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  1. mamawafiy
    Aug 08, 2007 @ 08:14:45

    been talking to mom by a phone just rite now..and i told her i miss her.Like usual, she said..’yeah…’ and she tried to talk about something else. but i know she miss me too. i promised her to come back on friday evening..with the ikan bilis, sotong kering, salted fish, keropok and all things from lumut and kuching. hope that we’ll make it….


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