yesterday i had a very terrible meeting i’ver ever had in my whole career..imagine that i have to go on this meeting, negotiation meeting on contract to be exact..for 4 times in a row..and believe me that the italians are really it loud..M.A.F.I.A.. i don’t know but they don’t seem like really understand what we are negotiate about..i know maybe they have communication problem and having difficulties to express their true opinion but..don’t they doing business? and bussinessman should be knowledgeable..i mean fluent in english as our medium of conversation…i can see the fierce in my SUB’s eyes when he keep on saying “i don’t think u r really mean business with us” and that’s it..there the story goes..ended up with frustation coz negotiation WAS FAILED..for 4 times in a row..that makes me think that we should undergone a massive training on negotiation skill..i did mention this in the portal..but i’m really serious but this man…


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